Rain Gutter FAQ’s

Aren’t All Rain Gutters Pretty Much The Same?

Absolutely not!  It’s true that all rain gutters function to remove rain water that falls from your roof and transport it to the ground and away from the base of your home.  But, this is where the similarities end.  There are dozens of different styles of rain gutters in various shapes, sizes, materials and levels of quality.  The Rain Gutter Pros offer high quality, seamless rain gutters that we form on site and provide a leak free rain water collection and diversion system.

Will I Be Sold Something I Don’t Really Need?

Again, absolutely not!  The job of our estimation team is purely to take the measurements and data from your home and translate that into how many feet of rain gutter your home will require.  Figuring in the appropriate amount of connectors, downspouts etc.  We never “sell” you anything.  It’s 100% your choice on the style, finish and material of rain gutter we install on your home.  Our estimators are trained professionals, so you should definitely take their advice into consideration however.

Do I Need To Be Home To Receive An Estimate?

You do not need to be home for our team to come provide you with an install estimate.  Nor do you need to be home for the installation.  However, we do prefer if someone can be home in case any questions arise that might need to be answered by the tenant or homeowner.

Do I Really Need Rain Gutters?

Without rain gutters, rain will fall off of your roof directly to the base of your home. This can case a host of problems from basement flooding, damaged landscaping, soil expansion and cracked slabs and many other costly issues.  The one time investment in a high quality rain gutter system can potentially save you thousands of dollars down the road on costly maintenance items.

My Gutters Are Only A Few Years Old.  Can You Fix Some Leaks?

We certainly can.  Even relatively new gutters can leak at certain points if not installed properly.  This usually happens at the corners where the seamless gutter was not properly sealed to the L joint or a downspout.  We can come in and detect where the leaks are occurring and fix them with no problems.  This will save you money and premature damage to your gutters & home.

How Do I Know When My Gutters Need Replacing?

Both vinyl and metal gutters have a limited lifespan.  With metal gutters, the time to start thinking about replacement is when you see a fair amount of rust accumulating.  This means that they are going to begin leaking, if they haven’t already.  For vinyl gutters can become brittle from sun exposure and brackets will eventually start to break as will the joining connectors.  When this happens it’s a good time to call us for an estimate on complete rain gutter installation.